Six-Part Documentary Series

In Production for 2024 Release

The Last Independent Automaker covers the rise and fall of American Motors Corporation, a car company that employed hundreds of thousands of people and built millions of vehicles from 1954 to 1987.

Our six-part documentary comes to public TV and streaming in 2024 as a series of half-hour episodes. Over 30 former employees were interviewed, including designers, engineers, assembly line workers, salespeople, and two CEOs. Their memories, combined with hours of rare archive footage and thousands of historical photographs, bring to life the story of an iconic company during a period of rapid industry change.

How to Help


Help us make sure the story of American Motors is never forgotten.

Just like building a car, producing a documentary is a complex, time-consuming task. Thankfully, there are ways you can help. By making a donation to our crowdfunding campaign, you’re helping us preserve automotive history for generations to come. Every dollar will go toward the production costs for the series, including camera equipment, digital conversion of archive material, licensing costs for footage and music, legal fees, and more. Thank you for your support.

Creative Team

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or let us know if you have any great AMC stories that you would like to contribute.